Kolby Kember and Sarah McCulley have been everywhere this year. Kolby recently completed work as the VFX Supervisor for Where the Crawdads Sing (we covered this) which is wrapping up a summer theater run that has seen it gross over $127 million. He’s also been the VFX Supervisor on six other projects in 2022 that include the National Treasure: Edge of History tv series. Sarah also worked on Where the Crawdads Sing as the VFX Producer and a similar role on 12 episodes of this season of Fox’s Our Kind of People.

The bottom line is:

They know every little rabbit hole of VFX.

So, it’s not a surprise that they teamed up to represent the Crafty Apes Baton Rouge visual effects team this week for an episode of The Rough Cut podcast with Matt Feury. Crafty Apes is a visual effects titan with locations in seven U.S. and Canadian cities. The Rough Cut is the podcast to save on your phone if you want to hear people who know the intricacies of Post talk passionately about it.

Sarah McCulley and Kolby Kember Crafty Apes BR

Kolby and Sarah’s interview took Matt on a tour of what the actual VFX process looks like. So, they talked about the step-by-step phases, the roles of each visual effects artist, and nuances like the relationship between a supervisor and producer.

It’s a fascinating listen, especially if you’re new to the visual effects world and want to hear two experts who are in the trenches every day (and by in the trenches I mean, enhancing crowds and creating cool practical effects for vomit and blood).

If you want highly in-depth post-production content, check out The Rough Cut Youtube channel, and listen to Kolby and Sarah’s discussion in its entirety here