Consider it the VFX: Origin Stories.

The sheer volume of iconic effects and creatures that Industrial Light & Magic has created is almost—no, it’s definitely too ubiquitous to quantify. Okay, let’s give it a shot:

All of the Jurassic Park creatures going back to 1993. Rocket Raccoon and the Marvel Universe. The newest Bond film. The Goonies. Titanic. Forrest Gump. Avatar. Everything that’s ever had anything to do with Star Wars. Podracers!

That’s enough, you get it.

Some companies have their fingerprints on an industry. ILM is more like—they created the fingerprints. Now, casual viewers and VFX nerds alike will get the chance to view the origins of the ILM team, ethos, and technology.

James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and more offer their insights on the growth of ILM. “Light & Magic” is a six-part docuseries that premieres for streaming on July 27th on Disney+.