“I love superhero movies, I like every kind of movie. I don’t think there’s a difference between high art and low art,” Hawke said in a recently unearthed interview.

In an interview with RayWork Productions three years ago, the now “Moon Knight” actor hinted at what is most important about a feature film, beyond its genre.

“There are movies that people put their heart into, and there are movies that people try to cash in on. And the ones I like are the ones people put their heart into, and you can feel it in a superhero movie, or you can feel it in a horror movie, or you can feel it in an arthouse movie.”

He calls Logan, The Dark Knight and Doctor Strange his favorite superhero movies.

“Those are great films, but they’re not the only thing there is,” he says. “Our country turns everything into a competition. What’s its score on Rotten Tomatoes? How much box office did it make? When I was growing up, those things didn’t exist. You could just absorb a movie for how it meant to you. There’s no game to win. That’s not what art is.”